Items By Type:

Icon Name
Arrows Arrows
BellyBows Belly Bow
GearBoat Boat Accessory
Bows Bow
ArmorBuilding Building Construction
ArmorCloth Cloth Armor
GearBldg Construction Accessory
FireThrowers Fire Thrower
FishingNet Fishing
GreatAxe Great Axe
Clubs2H Heavy Club
Spears2H Heavy Spear
ArmorMed Infantry Armor
Javalins Javelin
GearVill Laborer
ArmorLgt Light Armor
Spears1H Light Spear
Merchant Merchant Log
GearPriest Priest Accessory
Staffs2H Priest Staff
Scepter Priestess of Ra Scepter
RamHeads Ram Head
ScoutSpecial1H Scout Special
Shields Shield
GearSiege Siege Accessory
BallistaArms Siege Throwing Arm
ArmorPlt Siege and Boat Armor
Sling Sling
Gear Soldiers Gear
Swords1H Sword
Tools Tool
Torc Torc
VanityHelm Vanity Helmet
VanityShield Vanity Shield
VanityWeapon Vanity Weapon
War Horn War Horn
Warpaint Warpaint